Doing The Math helps you to achieve your sustainability goals

Doing The Math helps organisations to achieve their sustainability goals, and build support for that with team members, business relations and other stakeholders. To that end, we employ our expertise in data analysis, mathematical modelling, and communication.

We provide insight into the complexity of sustainability issues, help you clarify the strategy, show its trade-offs, and increase the support with all parties involved. On top of that, we support putting your strategy into operation by making its progress measurable. We further support you in reaching your sustainability goals with decision-making software to accelerate sustainable changes, even in uncertain times.

Pioniers in duurzaamheid

Een uitgave over de uitdagingen én kansen op de weg naar een duurzamere wereld. In deze special, die tot stand is gekomen op initiatief van EyeOn en Doing The Math, spreken we met ondernemers en experts uit uiteenlopende sectoren.


Our scope of expertise encompasses various branches of industry that are subject to complex data systems such as supply chain design; utilities and pension funds. Within these fields we offer strategic advice …


Our consulting services aim to increase the effectiveness of decision making in your organisation. We do this by actively transferring knowledge and experience to your team, providing or improving decision support technology…