Doing The Math helps you to achieve your sustainability goals

In an era marked by rapid technological changes and heightened environmental concerns, industries in various sectors find themselves at a crossroads. At Doing The Math, our team blends deep domain expertise with innovative modelling techniques. We’re here to help navigate the intricate pathways of – among others – energy and supply chain challenges, driving sustainable solutions for tomorrow and beyond.

Our vision for sustainable and resilient innovation

Around the globe, economic sectors are undergoing significant transformations. New energy sources are being investigated, demand patterns are shifting, and technologies are evolving, while the call for adaptable, sustainable, and efficient solutions grows louder. This creates both new possibilities and global dilemmas that require a nuanced approach.

That’s where we come in. At Doing The Math, we don’t just react to changes; we help you prepare for them in advance.Our dedicated experts map possibilities and options, illuminate the path ahead, and offer tools and services that help you shape a more sustainable and resilient future.

Why Doing The Math?

The modern economic landscape is multifaceted, presenting both unprecedented challenges and unique opportunities. Whether you’re eyeing investments in new energy infrastructures, grappling with the intricacies of ageing networks, or keen on reimagining your supply chain paradigms, we’re your ideal partner. With Doing The Math, you’re not just getting data-driven solutions; you’re improving and optimising your business decisions. Our in-depth analyses and innovative models transform abstract numbers into tangible strategies, driving value at every turn.

Pionieers in Sustainability

Pioneers in Sustainability is a special publication, initiated by EyeOn and Doing The Math. The magazine contains nine interviews with passionate pioneers who dedicate their expertise to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

Pioniers in duurzaamheid – Een uitgave over de uitdagingen én kansen op de weg naar een duurzamere wereld. In deze special, die tot stand is gekomen op initiatief van EyeOn en Doing The Math, spreken we met ondernemers en experts uit uiteenlopende sectoren. Lees de interviews op deze website of download het volledige magazine.


Our consulting services aim to increase the effectiveness of decision making in your organisation. We do this by actively transferring knowledge and experience to your team, providing or improving decision support technology…