A number of client cases

Our client, a DSO with gas & electricity networks, wanted a future-proof, value and data-driven asset management process for compiling and managing the best possible asset investment portfolio, enabling them to quickly anticipate changing requirements for network performance, (external) risks and available resources

The challenge

  • With the acceleration of the energy transition, complexity of asset investment planning increases
  • For maximum value creation, the step from risk based to value-based asset investment planning needs to be made
  • In a rapidly changing environment, an agile way for determining an asset investment strategy while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of asset investments is required


  • A decision support model that is used by the asset portfolio managers to create longterm and midterm asset investment plans
  • Creation of investment long term asset investment plans in hours instead of weeks
  • Better insights in the uncertainty and dynamics of the asset investment plans, leading to better informed decisions using what-if analysis
  • Increased return on investment, reducing the overall Capex requirements while maintaining the same safety levels, saving potentially millions of Euros identified