Lines of service

Lines of service

Our consulting services aim to increase the effectiveness of decision making in your organisation. We do this by actively transferring knowledge and experience to your team, providing or improving decision support technology, and guiding the improvement of decision-making processes. Unique to our approach is that data and mathematics are at the foundation, which guarantees high quality and fact-based answers to your business questions.

Optimisation made to fit

From full-service to empowering, and everything in between
Depending on your needs and preferences, and the questions you need to solve, you can choose a wide variety of paths to optimise your decision making.

On the one end of the spectrum we have our full-service offering, in which we take your business issue and provide a solution tailored to your needs, using techniques that best fit the challenge. We analyse the data, and use the extracted insights to turn them into predictions and decisions.

A more common way of operating (as well as our personal favourite), is to co-operate with you and your team. Working side by side is often the best and fastest way for us to find the best approach to your business problem. It also affords great opportunities to share our knowledge. Co-creating the best solution together also guarantees a smooth adoption of the new and improved, model-based way of making robust decisions.

Alternatively, you may prefer to work on the business issue yourself. You can do so while we provide guidance to your team, and empower them. By letting your team learn from our optimisation experts, you flatten the team’s learning curve and prevent them from having to reinvent the wheel. Our Doing The Math Academy can provide in-house analytics and optimisation training, tailored to the job to be done, or auditing services to guarantee analysis & model quality.

In Company Training

The successful adoption of data- and analytics-driven decision making requires a cultural change within an organisation. This in turn requires guidance on analytics methods and processes on all decision-making levels. Doing The Math has the knowledge, experience and expertise to support this change.

Doing The Math is firmly embedded in an academic background. Its founders and team members have decades of practical experience in operations research, modelling, decision analytics, data science and the optimisation of decision processes, and act internationally as lecturers and guest lecturers. They’ve won both the EURO Excellence on Practice Award and the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award, which illustrates the practical impact and relevance of their work for their clients.

Our in-company training programmes are tailored to improve your in-house analytics capabilities and support the adoption of model driven decision making processes.

Doing The Math collaborates with the Free University of Amsterdam, the  Jheronimus Academy for Data Science and the AOG Business School. Our experts deliver lectures, training, and courses on a variety of topics related to analytics, from optimisation techniques to data analysis, adopting model-driven decision making and sustainability.